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"Shazde Ehtejab"; A Lacanian Reading

 submission: 18/05/2020 | acception: 06/07/2020 | publication: 19/07/2020


zahra jelve booraki1

1-farhangian University،sulmazmozafari@gmail.com



Lacanian theory is one of the most important theories in the field of psychoanalysis, linguistics, and literary studies. Given the function of this theory in considering the language and its semantic application in literary texts, it seems that many contemporary literary texts can be based on the methods and techniques used in them. ‌Read and review the principles and criteria of Lacanian critique theory. One of the outstanding works of modernism that can be examined and evaluated according to this theory is the novel "Prince of Ehtejab" by Houshang Golshiri, which should be considered as a mental and psychological work. This analytical and descriptive article seeks to demonstrate, based on the approach of the post-salesman theory of the Frenchman Jacques Lacan and his poststructuralist ideas, his fundamental assumptions and the subject's mental developmental manifestations, including the imaginary and symbolic realm, in this work. Analyze the new terms used in this theory. The results show that throughout the story, the reader is confronted with several aspects of Obje's relocation, including: the replacement of the joy and pleasure of motherhood through the prince's relationship with Monira Khatun as a child, his relocation of Fakhr al-Nisa with Fakhri. اییRaid the mother's passionate breasts by sucking a finger by Fakhr al-Nisa, playing the role of the goddesses in the family instead of the father as a caregiver and counselor and so on. Based on the results obtained, it is understood that such shifts in the novel as a sample and the cases examined in the present article can be a reflection of the realities in people's lives. Be different. It is possible that human beings face mental development and personality development in all stages of life, and they go through these stages one after the other, and if they encounter problems along this path and do not follow the path well, They will not achieve a developed personality as a result of a unified soul. In the real-life scene, humans seek alternatives to eliminate the feelings of bitter experiences or to compensate for the failure to achieve desirable experiences, and if they are well guided in this direction. If they do not and do not follow the right path, they will face failure and failure.


Modernism  Psychological Growth  Imaginary Construction  Symbolic Field  Lacanian Critique  Shazde Ehtejab 

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