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Journal of Researches in Mechanics of Agricultural Machinery
An investigation of effective parameters on pressure drop in vertical dilute pha se pneumatic conveying of corn seed

 submission: 04/03/2019 | acception: 23/02/2020 | publication: 01/06/2020


Rasoul Meamar Dastjerdi1*, Majid Rahnama2, Sahar Sohrabi3, Amin Lotfi Jalal Abadi4

1-Khuzestan Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University،rasoul_memar@yahoo.com

2-Khuzestan Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University،rahnamam2002@yahoo.com

3-Khuzestan Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University،saharsohrabi67.ss@gmail.com

4-Khuzestan Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University،aminlo2020@gmail.com



Loading and unloading of produced crop is one of the phases in traditional and semi mechanized agriculture in transporting it from farm to silo for selling it. Unfortunately, major part of transport and movement is done by man power, which in addition to high cost, excessive exhaustion of the workers viewed as its consequences. Pneumatic system is the best way of transportation with considered conditions. This system with low mass can transport granular materials without producing dust.The overall purpose of this research is design and manufacture of dilute-phase pneumatic conveying system for transporting corn seed and study of the effects of vertical pipe length (۱, ۲ and ۳ m), speed of air supply (۱۳, ۱۷ and ۲۰ m/s) and mass flow rate (۲۰۰, ۲۵۰ and ۳۰۰ kg/hr) changes on pressure drop after transport. Machine's potency was acquired through empirical relationship. Transition pressure drop including air frictional pressure drop (ΔPL), corn accelerated pressure drop(ΔPA), corn frictional pressure drop(ΔPz*), corn suspension pressure drop (ΔPG) and total pressure drop of elbows (ΔPbend) are required to determine the required blower power. The total pressure drop carried out with summing up the individual contribution of air and solid by using theoretical equations which obtained ۱۲۶۵.۶۰ Pa and required blower power was achieved ۱۳۳.۶۸ W. The experimental design was factorial based on completely randomized design with three replications. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and mean comparisons and interaction between the parameters were performed using the SAS software. The results of the experiments showed that, by tripling the length of the vertical pipe, the pressure drop increased significantly (P≤۰.۰۱). Also, with increasing air velocity and mass flow rate, the pressure drop increased significantly (P≤۰.۰۱). It was also found that the increase of the pressure drop was directly related to the length of the pipe, and the length factor versus the speed factor was more effective in reducing the air pressure.


Pneumatic conveying  Pressure drop  Dilute phase  corn 

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