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Iranian Journal of Research in Applied Linguistics (IJRAL) is a refereed journal that publishes articles and reports about theoretical and practical issues on applied linguistics. IJRAL publishes contributions from researchers across the world in all fields relevant to the study of language.

IJRAL operates on a double-blind peer review policy. The journal publishes contributions that report the findings of original research on the current topics and trends in applied linguistics. Special issues in linguistic topics may be published, too. Moreover, contributions that tackle (applied) linguistic problems in a systematic way by reference to theoretical studies are welcomed.

The journal aims at providing a forum which makes connections between fields, theories, research methods, and scholarly discourses. IJRAL welcomes research that critically reflects on current practices in (applied) linguistic research. The journal strives to promote scholarly and scientific discussion of issues that bring together or differentiate between scholars in (applied) linguistics. Contributions that handle (applied) linguistic problems in a systematic and academic way by reference to theoretical studies are of major interest for IJRAL and contributors are invited to submit contributions of this kind.

IJRAL welcomes both reports of original research and conceptual articles. The journal also accepts “State of the Art” submissions and “Critical Book Reviews.”

IJRAL is interested in research that focuses on the relation between language and real-world problems. IJRAL recommends that contributions do NOT exceed a length of 8,000 words.



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